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The Mill at Anselma strives to provide visitors of all ages with a fun, hands-on educational experience.

The Mill at Anselma strives to provide visitors of all ages with a fun, hands-on educational experience. This c. 1747 grist mill has witnessed the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Great Depression, and many other historical highs and lows in its 250+ years. We have chosen to represent the site as it evolved over the years, rather than restore it to one particular period, to give visitors a better understanding of change over time.

If you have a group of 10 or more people we can arrange for a special private group tour of The Mill. We can also customize your tour to the interests and time constraints of the group and create a unique experience. These group tours can be scheduled for any day of the week during our operational season of April through December. For more information on pricing, tours, and scheduling, please contact our Executive Director Katherine Lovell at 610-827-1906 or email him at

  • All groups desiring a tour MUST have a reservation. Teachers wishing to bring school groups must submit the number of students and chaperones coming to the Mill, as well as all contact information for the teacher and school.
  • Information about visitors with special needs should also be given in advance of the visit. The Mill at Anselma is entirely wheelchair accessible, but due to its historic nature there are areas of rough terrain.
  • The Mill requires a minimum/maximum of one chaperone per five students. There are many moving parts in the Mill itself which may be dangerous to unsupervised students, and our pond is very deep in some areas. Chaperones will be expected to reinforce site rules and regulations and maintain good supervision of the students in their care.
  • Keep in mind that the Mill is a fully operational piece of equipment, with many moving parts, and many areas of the property may prove hazardous to unsupervised students. The Mill at Anselma is not responsible for any injuries sustained on site.
  • Per-person admission for any specially arranged group tours is $4.00, regardless of age. In the case of school groups, one chaperone per five students is admitted free of charge.
  • For non-milling tours, we require $25.00 of the total admission be paid at least two weeks in advance, the remainder on the date of visit. $25.00 is the minimum amount due (in cases where the total admission is less than $25.00.) This deposit is non-refundable. In the event of inclement weather we will gladly reschedule your visit.
  • For milling tours, in which the Mill is running and producing flour, we require a $50.00 fee in addition to the $4.00 per-person admission to cover the cost of grain and supplies. This fee is due at least two weeks in advance of the visit, and is non-refundable. In the event of inclement weather we will gladly reschedule your visit.
  • If you would like to arrange a non-milling tour for a regular weekend day, or a milling tour during one of our previously scheduled Milling Demonstration Days, we require prior notification for groups of more than 8 but require no additional fees or deposits. Regular admission fees apply. Milling Demonstration Days occur at least once a month between April and December. Please check our schedule for a list of upcoming Demonstration Days.
  • When you arrive, please assemble in the parking area. If a member of the Mill staff is not present to greet you, please send one person to the Red Barn/Visitor’s Center to announce your group’s arrival.
  • There is free parking for cars, vans, and shuttles on site. We apologize, but we are currently unable to accommodate a large number of buses on our site due to restricted space. Buses may drop visitors off at the site, but must park elsewhere during the tour. Please plan accordingly.
  • The Mill at Anselma currently does not offer food service. A small picnic area is available for classes bringing their own lunches. Visitors are expected to dispose of trash in specified containers.
  • The Mill at Anselma Gift Shop will be open to all visitors and accepts Visa, Mastercard, Checks (made payable to the Mill at Anselma), and Cash. We offer a variety of our own stone ground flour products, stoneware, magnets, apparel and books as mementos of your visit.
  • Photography and videotaping is permitted in all public areas of the site. Please note that the Mill at Anselma reserves the right to photograph the group tour activities for use in future site publications and publicity. If the group has any objections to being
    photographed, please make them known to Mill staff before the start of the visit.