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special events at the mill
The Mill at Anselma offers many opportunities for students and groups to explore the history beyond our traditional site tours.

We encourage our visitors to experience the Mill through taste, touch, sight, smell and sound, and offer a variety of programs that are suitable for history, economics, science and English curricula.

“Pancakes, Pancakes” Program

Pre-K – First Grade
This program gives students a basic understanding of where food—in this case flour and cornmeal—comes from. Students enjoy a tour of the grist mill, where they can help the miller shell corn, grind the grains, and sift the flour. Then the students help Mill staff bake cornbread with the newly ground cornmeal, after a reading from the Eric Carle book “Pancakes, Pancakes,” which tells the story of how the food we eat every day makes the journey from the field to the table. This program is best experienced as a milling tour.

“Run of the Mill” Program

Grades 1 – 8
In this program, students will learn a brief history of agriculture in Chester County, and how technological advances like railroads affected farming in this area. Students will identify different kinds of grains, including wheat, corn, rye and barley, and will learn where they are grown and used today. They will then have the opportunity to help Mill staff harvest, thresh and winnow wheat, and a tour of the grist mill will follow. This tour is available in both milling and non-milling versions.

More Information

If your school or group are interested in more information regarding The Mill’s educational programs, please call (610) 827-1906 or email info@anselmamill.org. The Mill at Anselma offers both milling and non-milling tours. A milling tour, in which the grist mill is running and producing cornmeal, requires an additional $50.00 to cover the cost of grain. The per-person admission fee for any specially-arranged group tour, regardless of age, is $4.00. If you have any questions about whether a milling or non-milling tour is best for you, please call our office and we would be happy to help.